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Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

FAQ & Tips

Tips for fixing your plaque

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This is my method please email if me if you have a better one. Your Plaque comes with stainless steel screws and a suitable plug which can be used for most applications. You will need:
  1. A power drill.
  2. Suitable drill bit for material to which you are fixing your plaque to.
  3. Sprit level.
  4. Safety glasses and a pencil.

Tips for designing your own

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Our Design your own sign builder allows you to modify options to suit your own preferences. Some simple principles apply:

  • Set your currency and preferred sign size first. Changing later will reset all options.
  • Every image or piece of text is contained in it's own box.
  • Each box can only contain either a single image OR piece of text BUT NOT BOTH.
  • You can add your own boxes for a complex design or delete them too.
  • Box edges will not be visible in your finished sign.
  • Boxes can be dragged around and edges of boxes can overlap.

First Step - Set your Currency and Size

Before you do anything, (and if you haven't already) please select your preferred currency followed by your preferred product size.

Selecting a box

To change the contents of a box you need to select it. To select a box just left click anywhere inside a box: the border will turn red when it's selected correctly.

Changing a box's contents

Even if a box contains image or text, once selected you can change its contents easily by using the options on the right side. You can for example type in some new text OR select an image from the available designs.
IMPORTANT: To see your new changes you must click APPLY MY CHANGES. The preview will update to show your changes.

Resizing Boxes

You can resize a box by dragging the bottom right corner. If the resized box contains an image, the image will resize also. TIP: If you hold SHIFT on your keyboard wile resizing the image will maintain its proportions while you resize.

Resizing a box which contains text will not increase the size of the text but will control how the text "wraps" or flows from one to two lines. TIP: To increase the size of your text just change the font-size for the drop-down men on the right side.

Finishing Your Design

When you are happy with your design all you need to do is click "Add to Cart". A summary of your cart will appear on the elft of your page. Just click "Show Cart" to view a summary of your order and click "Checkout" to complete your order.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Are the images just painted on?
A. No all our signs are engraved in to the Irish Limestone and then we apply the paint by hand into the engraving. Some of our customers prefer the sings without any paint.

Q. Can you see fossils in all your plaques?
A. Yes you can but remember limestone is made without mans interference so some have quite large fossils and some not so large they are all different all unique.

Q. Are you environment friendly
A. Of course we try to reduce packing and paper we recycle all recyclable goods where ever possible we supply a local museum shop and have cut out packaging completely. Our aim is one day to make our own electricity by wind or solar but in Ireland it’s quite expensive and really a new industry so we are not sure which way to go.

Q. Can I send you an image and will you help me pick a name
A. We help all our customers where ever we can. Send us simple images you may have drawn. A great way of picking a name is look around you, what can you see? You may see a park or woodland the sea  so you now have Park View, The Wood House, and of course "Sea View" or look at your family or where they were are from. We have overseas customers whose families immigrated from Munster and have used  “The Kerry Man Lodge “ These are simple examples. Ask us your questions at info@skatwinengraving.com. We're are here to help.

Q. Can I mix and match from the buy now section I like the image and the name from another sign.
A. Of course you can! Just send us a simple email to info@skatwinengraving.com stating the size, image, paint colour, and the name, we will email back a sample of your work sign.

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