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Saturday, 23 Jun 2018

Emerald Isle Name Plaque

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Most of Ireland was covered in ice untill the end of the last ice age, over 9000 years ago.Stone age man arrived sometime after that and agriculture followed around 4000 BC when sheep, goats, cattle and cereals were imported from the Iberian Peninsula (modern day Portugal,Spain and a small part of France) The Iron Age is traditionally associated with people known as the Celts.The Celts colonised Ireland some time around 500 BC and within a few hundred years Ireland Bronze Age culture had disappeared .The Gales were the last wave of Celts to arrive and are said to have divided the island into five or more kingdoms. The Celts came from the Alps of central Europe and spread their culture across what we now know as Germany, France and into the Balkans as far as Turkey.The Celts had a major advantage because they had descovered Iron giving them a technolgical advantage, as Iron was a far superior metal to Bronze

This name plaque is made from Irish limestone quarried from counties Kilkenny, Roscommon, and Galway and from The Burren. Irish limestone is millions of years old and is known for its durability. Limestone is a sedimentary rock comprised of mineral calcite. The calcite in Irish limestone is most commonly marine organisms. Irish limestone usually has the fossilised shells of the organisms visibly embedded within the stone making this house plaque unique and an interesting addition to your home or an interesting and unusual present for a loved one. All our limestone is supplied by God and nature and worked by man.

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